History of the Network

The first COI Network project - COI Network & Training - was realised in 2003/2004 and ended with the publication of the training manual. This project was followed by COI Network & e-Training in 2005/2006. During that project COI training workshops were provided and a tool for e-training has been created. In November 2006 COI Network III - Training, Master Class, Good Practice has started with a project duration of 12 months.

The projects comprise a growing number of partner organisations. The overall objective of all COI Network projects is to improve and strengthen the use of high quality COI and thus contribute to fair and effective RSD procedures in Europe. The projects support the EU goal to achieve an objective, transparent and accurate COI system that delivers relevant, reliable and balanced information.

COI Network & e-Training

The COI Network and e-Training project builds on the COI training manual, which was elaborated in 2004, and the transnational network created in 2004.

The main aim of the project was to promote COI standards on EU level. Its activities consisted of two phases: In the first phase of the project, COI training sessions on the basis of the COI training manual were conducted and evaluated. In the second phase, a blended learning tool for online COI training was created in order to broaden the target group and enable more people to establish or improve their COI research skills.

The network comprised ten organisations.

ACCORD Dutch Council for Refugees GEA 2000 Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen Hungarian Helsinki Committee Informationsverbund Asyl Italian Council for Refugees Jagiellonian University Human Rights Centre Refugee Documentation Centre Ireland Refugee Legal Centre

COI Network and Training

During the first COI Network project, a transnational network of organisations involved in the use and research of COI elaborated a COI manual on research methodology and standards.

The network comprised five organisations.

ACCORD Dutch Council for Refugees Informationsverbund Asyl Refugee Documentation Centre Ireland Refugee Legal Centre

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