Train the Trainer COI Trainer Pool

First Seminar 5 6 February 2007 Dublin Agenda Pictures
Second Seminar 5 - 6 March 2007 Dublin Agenda Pictures
Third Seminar 17 18 September 2007 Dublin Agenda Pictures

COI researchers from selected governmental and non-governmental COI units and UNHCR were trained as COI trainers in order to be able to provide training courses (blended learning courses and workshops) for COI users from all parties involved in RSD procedures as well as new staff members of COI units (initial training).

14 experienced COI researchers from governmental and non-governmental organisations of 9 European states and UNHCR participated in the Training Course for COI Trainers.

Furthermore, a structure for a persistent European COI Trainer Pool and future quality assurance of COI training courses have been constituted. 10 trainers were admitted to and will subsequently form the European COI Trainer Pool. A further objective of the COI Network III has been to sustainably integrate COI training courses into refugee law training in more EU member states and into the European Asylum Curriculum (EAC).

The Refugee Documentation Centre Ireland has been in charge of implementing this part of the project toghether with selected partners.

last update 12 November 2007

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